Common Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

17th Sep 2012

So, you've been smart and shopped around for the most attractive motorcycle insurance rates.
But, don't stop there. You can still save a considerable amount off the quoted rates―or perhaps even off your current premiums―if you take advantage of the discounts available to you.
It's up to you to seek these savings. Your motorbike insurance company or agent may overlook or forget to mention these discounts.

Common Motorcycle Insurance Discounts

While it's best to investigate what each insurer offers―either online or by phone―most discounts fall into these categories:

Being a safe rider.
Insuring multiple motorcycles.
Purchasing a multiple-policy (such as homeowners, auto, or life).
Living in a certain location, usually one considered safe with a low-crime rate.
Being a mature rider which, depending on the provider, could relate to age, experience, or both.
Motorcycle safety course completion.
Belonging to a motorcycle riding association.

Learn the details about these programs and how they can help you save money from the individual carriers, as they can differ widely. And, keep in mind you may eligible for other discounts; these are just the primary ones.
Insurance companies prefer safety-conscious, loyal customers, and construct their discounts to favor them. So, if those characteristics describe you, you should find at least one type of discount you can use.

How Much You'll Save

Many insurance providers allow you to "stack" discounts. In other words, applying more than one.
Because you can often trim 5% to 10% off your premiums with a single discount, imagine how much you save with several.

Other Ways to Reduce Your Motorbike Premiums

Exhausted all your discount opportunities and still feel your rates are too high?
You can further trim your premium costs by increasing your deductibles, riding a less expensive bike, cutting back on coverage, or insuring your bike seasonally. But, consider each of these moves carefully, as they all can carry some drawbacks.

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