Motorcycle Safety Course Insurance Discount

17th Sep 2012

Completing a motorcycle safety course makes sense and cents. Not only will it improve your motorcycle skills, making you a safer rider, but also help trim the costs of your motorcycle insurance rates.

Motorcycle Safety Course Insurance Discount

All insurance companies maintain different policies regarding motorbike insurance discounts, but you'll find that almost all providers offer discount-incentives for completing a motorcycle rider safety course. Depending on the provider, you can save as much as 15% off your insurance premiums over a three-year period.

Motorcycle Safety Course Enrollment

Before enrolling, check with your insurance company for approved motorcycle safety schools. Some may only accept completion certificates from certain programs. Or, if you reside in a state that mandates motorcycle safety school attendance (California, for example, requires enrollment for all riders younger than 21 years old), contact your DMV for a list of approved programs.
Always double-check with your insurance provider. You will not receive a discount for your motorcycle safety class completion certificate if the course is not recognized by your provider.

Most schools offer two programs: beginner and expert. Classes, depending on school and state, may last from one to three days.

Beginner Course

This course, as the name implies, is geared for beginner riders with little or no experience looking to obtain a motorcycle license. It teaches all of the basics including:

Mounting the motorcycle.
Safe riding techniques.
Street strategies.
Proper riding gear.
Stopping and braking.
Increasing visibility.
Clutch control.
Throttle control.

Expert Course

This class is designed for riders with at least one year or 1,000 miles of riding experience. The course focuses on improving your street riding ability by teaching:
Threshold braking.
Decreasing radius curves.
Cornering adjustment.
Negotiating multiple curves.
Space management.
Defensive riding techniques in traffic.
Swerving techniques.

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